ABC Heat 3 Results

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Heat 3 Results are in.  I placed 7th out of 28 in this round which means I’m up 2 places overall from last week and lying 4th out of the original 34 entrants overall.  I would gloat, but that’s not very modest and I don’t want to come off looking like a pretentious…person.  In any case I know that my Heat 4 entry will not get as many votes simply because…I’m just not that lucky.

And it’s a bit of a weird story.

I’m learning fast that weird stories do not always translate well when read by many people.

You can see the Heat 3 results here  and the overall medals table here.  Again see if you can guess which entry was mine this time – if you can count it should be fairly simple to find.

Stay tuned for the Heat 4 results.

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