A bursary, a baby, and a gothic story

"Time, like latinum, is a highly limited commodity." So said the character of "Brunt, FCA!" from Star Trek DS9. Whilst the show is now over 30 years old, I was recently watching it during a 3am feed for my newborn son, and that line from Brunt really struck home. Of course, it's a fun riff on a cliche, but cliches are cliches for a reason. Time is limited and I'd like to spend whatever time I have on the people and things I care about. 


I was offered a coaching spot with Script Angel earlier this year, but quickly realised I couldn't afford it. Fortunately, I applied for and was recently awarded a ScreenSkills bursary! For the next 6 months (in between other work and being a new dad), I am now working with an experienced screenwriter and script editor to develop my work and support one of my ambitions: to work in HETV and film. The coaching is designed to replicate one-on-one professional script development that commissioned writers experience, so I am confident that it will help. I'd like to thank ScreenSkills for their support as I would not have been able to take up the offer from Script Angel without this bursary.

Tales of the Gothic: An Anthology of British Horror

Tales of the Gothic ebook cover

"Hamilton's Whisper" published in Tales of the Gothic, Redcape, 2024

"Tales of the Gothic: An Anthology of British Horror" is out 5th July 2024. My short horror, "Hamilton's Gospel" appears alongside some truly eerie stories from some amazing writers. Many thanks to Chris Stagg and Redcape Publishing for taking a punt on Hamilton's twisted tale. You can buy copies of Tales of the Gothic here

Would the real "Jon" Allen please stand up?

I recently put out an open casting call for a horror feature called "The Call" and received dozens of applications from actors and casting directors to my inbox. I was really excited by the response I got until I remembered... I haven't actually written or been involved with anything called "The Call". 

Turns out it was a case of mistaken identity as "Jon" Allen had put out an open casting call on Backstage... yet neglected to make his own contact details easily available. Turns out that wasn't so bad for me as I now have a list of people I can get back to who are interested in horror and have even connected with a casting director who reached out to me on Linkedin. 

Thanks Jon!

*If you're looking to audition for or be involved with "The Call" please visit Backstage and ask for "Jon Allen".

Until next time readers.

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