ABC Heat 4 Results

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The end is in sight. 

The Heat 4 Results have just been published and you can view them here.

The overall medals table you can view here and as you’ll notice…I’m still in 4th place overall.  My Heat 4 story came in 6th place which I am pleased with although I admit I think I could have done better with it.  I basically ran out of time on this round and had to rush off a story really quickly.  

So unless my story for the final  Heat 5 round garners more then 15 gold medal votes, I am afraid I am out of the running for 1st position as the leader has 20 golds to their name and is way out in front of everyone else.  

I would say that I’m not jealous, but that would be a total lie.  

I’m a writer – we all get jealous of one another when we see someone doing better then us!  😉

But fair play to the leaders.  

To be honest I am very happy to be in the top 5 so far rather then near the bottom so the stories I have written can’t be completely awful.  

Watch this space for the final results due next week.

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