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Articles, blogs & editorial


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I have contributed pieces to Vector, the critical journal of the British Science Fiction Association. This sample is from an article I was particularly proud of that appeared in issue 280. 

Science & technical

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Specialised research & technical articles

I have regularly contributed to the AZO science network. I research, contribute and edit articles in the fields of robotics, nanotechnology and life sciences. Written for journals, academics and medical professionals. You can view examples here.

Arts & Literature

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Optimised articles and content 

Books like this one is an aggregation site for novels. I regularly write well researched SEO content for them. You can read live examples here.

Independent publishing

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I was commissioned to write this article for the Alliance of Independent Authors in 2016. The piece covers the topic of writing and managing repetitive strain injury. You can read the full article here.



I was commissioned to write this article for King & Allen, by Edit Marketing. King & Allen are a bespoke tailor specialising in men's suit design. For this piece I was required to research whether or not wearing a suit had a positive impact on how men are viewed socially. The piece incorporates infographics and SEO optimised keywords. You can read the full article here.


Huffpost Logo

I was invited to write an article about gender bias across literature by the blog manager of Huffpost. This is an opinion piece.  You can read the full article here.


Toyboy Warehouse Logo

I used to write regularly for Toyboy Warehouse in 2013.  In 2017, I was invited to write a post about the correlation between casual sex and finding a partner. It was a reciprocal marketing arrangement to support a book I had written on dating.

Web Content  & Design

Content & copy editing

Hana Clode Marketing (HC Marketing)

Since 2019 I have provided regular copy writing & editing services for Hana Clode Marketing. Work includes landing page content, social media posts and writing consultancy. Projects include:

Holland Street Kitchens - All website copy

Louisa Penn Interiors - Social media post copy edits.

Hana Clode Marketing - Newsletter copy editing

Web content & CRM

Between 2017 -2019 I wrote and designed digital content for the Time to Change Employers section of the Time to Change website (Drupal), including newsletters, employer showcasesemployer accelerator programme pages and more. You can view live examples here and by following the links above. I was also responsible for maintaining the CRM (Civi CRM) and all employer data for the employers' team. 

Web design & content

I was employed to design and build the Wellment website as well as write all the initial content. As of May 2019, the website is in the beta stage of development whilst we continue testing. You can view the website here.

Copywriting & Digital Content

I was contracted to review the page content and design of Bell Theatre Services as they built their new website. I delivered most of the site content in consultation with the founder, Max Bell, to ensure it reflected his brand and tone.

Video Content

Filo joins Friends with Benefits    

Client: Friends with Benefits 
Business: Online Dating

Whilst working at Edit Optimisation, I was asked to co-write a script and produce a video for a dating website - one of Edit's clients. The idea was to drive engagement and click throughs with a funny take on dating. It has had over 9K views.

RSI: Making Writers Cry  

Client: ALLi - The Alliance of Independent Authors
Business: Membership organisation

This video was made to accompany a blog I was commissioned to write. The blog was about the dangers of repetitive strain injury in the writing community. 


John is an excellent writer, able to make adjustments after feedback and always brings a creative approach to problems with positivity. He was able to step up quickly to all tasks with minimal supervision and really showed his worth by creating a much easier system for managing our website and comms.

Sarah Restall

Employers Engagement Manager - Time to Change Employers Team -

What do you need?

SEO & Digital Content

I provide SEO copywriting and digital content for digital marketing agencies, not-for-profit organisations and large commercial entities. Well written copy that can be repurposed is essential for every website that wants to be seen.  


Empower your website by including a blog. Blogs are a key component in telling your story whether you're a SME, large enterprise or one-person entrepreneur. I can write a blog that reflects your tone and purpose.

Video content

Video content has become as important as written content for every website. I can create or edit existing videos that help you tell your story and reach your target audience.

Additional  testimonials 

John's work for us has been exemplary. His ability to produce high quality content at a good speed (and thus good price!) put him in the category of our top 3 copywriters. We also had him act as our content editor and manager, overseeing the work of other writers.

Sanjay Shelat

Former Technical Director, Edit Marketing

John provided his copywriting skills for some content that was required for marketing a new product to a difficult group of customers. He displayed a firm grasp of the task required, of the product and the customer demographic he was writing for. His creative writing skills are impressive and the insight into the copywriting process impressive.

Dale Smith

Technical Director - Flavor Activ

I also write books! 

I have written 2 non-fiction books in my spare time. 

Career Change: How to conquer the fear of failing (published 2016)

An Inbetweeners' Guide to Dating (published 2017)

You can download a free digital copy of one of my books below. 

Career Change

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