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WTF am I doing

Mental Health: What to do when you don’t feel well

Trigger Warning (TW) – The aim of this post is to share my experiences honestly. Some of the content may trigger an adverse reaction. If this post begins to upset you I advise you to stop reading immediately and contact a member of your support team or someone else you trust. Please note that all mental […]

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Mentoring 1

Mentor or Coach – What’s the difference?

This is a subject that has been bugging me a lot. As a writer I see loads of targeted adverts for marketing courses, Facebook ad courses and mailing list building courses designed to help an author build their platform. Each of these courses comes with (for me) a pretty hefty price tag (between $600-2000 for some). […]

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Why Social Media should be used Responsibly

Twitter is a fantastic social media tool. Anyone can use it and you don’t have to be an IT guru or SEO whizz in order to get your voice or business heard in an increasingly crowded forum. However social media brings its own level of responsibility and internal monologue checks. In the past several years […]

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