With apologies to the world

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote a blog post. Two years in fact.

I would write a 50,000-word epic about it all, but that would probably bore people to death. Plus, there’s quite enough gloom and doom for everyone to feast on, and I refuse to add to it.

This post might be a little meandering – sorry, that’s just where my head is at the moment.

The past two years have been challenging, but I’m still here and still writing. Half the reason I don’t post more often, is that I’m writing, editing, submitting, and writing all over again. It’s annoying when I have to sleep, eat, day job, try to have a life etc., but I do my best to be a grumpy hermit with a beard(1) and long fingernails wherever I can.

Writing can feel lonely at times, but thanks to my writing groups, I regularly chat and get a lot of mutual support from my friends in the community. That has helped maintain my mental health these past few years. Slowly – very slowly mind you – I am starting to find publishers and readers who enjoy what I write.


Ugh. Too much to talk about here. Ups and downs like everyone else. On the plus side, I’m alive which in the current climate is a great privilege. And my wife hasn’t divorced me, which I take as a resounding thumbs up.

Also, more of my work has been published. So, as my internal monologue is forever saying “could be better, but not totally shit eh?”

God, I’m grumpy today. Probably because I’ve got a cold. Anyway, trying to be more positive, so here are some nice things that have happened to me lately.

Worst Contact published in Sci-Fi Lampoon, Autumn 2022

You can bag yourself a copy here if you like silly speculative fiction.

Writers of the Future certificate - Goodbye Gutleech - Silver Award

Goodbye Gutleech wins Silver Award

Another horror short. It is due to be published in 2023 by <I’M NOT ALLOWED TO SAY YET>

The Journey podcast

For reasons that I forget, I was invited to appear on The Journey, a podcast produced by Risa Kawamoto, a good friend, talented entrepreneur, life coach and Yoga teacher. You can listen to me ramble on about writing, life,(2) and why I don’t think faith schools are the best option for children. The episode is out on 24th October 2022.

Glasgow 2024 Presents: Reclaiming Paganism from Horror

The World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) takes place every year in a different city around the… well… world. Glasgow won the bid for 2024 and as part of the build-up, we (yes, I’m helping out) are running a series of panels and events to promote the convention. You can get a free ticket to an event I’m hosting on the 27th October 2022 here.

BristolCon 2022

If you’re in Bristol on Saturday 29th October, I’m attending the annual science fiction and fantasy convention at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Bristol City Centre. I’ll be talking on a few panels, but mostly just hanging out with fellow writers and artists and generally getting my geek on. Climate fiction, political thrillers, romance fiction, horror… you’ll find it all here. You can buy tickets to Bristolcon here.

Until next time, use as many Oxford commas as you can.


(1) I can’t actually grow a beard.

(2) With apologies to Thérèse Coffey for my use of the Oxford comma. Actually, I’m not sorry at all. Haven’t you got more important things to be doing, Thérèse?

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