An Experiment in Hope – Read a book!

First I'd like to apologise for nearly ‘Hulking Out’ over the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. You can read about it here if you don’t believe me, or if you're reading this in your email browser, just scroll to the bottom. I discovered (as many have) that getting angry is very easy, which for me is unusual as anyone who knows me will say; 'John doesn't really Hulk Out'. I’m the ‘quiet one’ from my family (my friends find this hilarious until they meet my parents and siblings and go ‘Oh!’). Brexit makes me quite upset and I know I’m not alone. But Brexit highlighted a very important thing to me. The UK needs hope right now. Whatever else has happened, a raw and painful split in the country has been highlighted by the debate. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain, most of England and Wales outside of major metropolitan areas voted to leave.  All UK politicians are behaving like petulant children and throwing mud at each other whilst everyone else is trying to pick themselves up.  Now more than ever, I realise that writers and publishers from all areas are needed. As one of millions of writers, I’d like to think I can help remind people on either side of the divide that even if things look a bit rubbish right now, a good book can make things seem a little better.  That and a laugh.

The Angry Writer

If you rarely have time to read the blog, you can check out my new YouTube channel ‘Angry Writer’.  I'm not actually that angry at all but I thought it was better than 'The Quiet Writer'.  On it I share short videos to compliment and summarise the blog.   In the latest video (and following all the bad feeling and upset that's out there at the moment) I summarise 'Brexit' (British Exit from the European Union) in a lighthearted friendly way.  If you can't watch it below in your browser, you can view it by clicking here.  

In the meantime I have to concentrate on other things like the other novel I wrote just before Christmas last year, and the blogging and marketing work that has taken a back seat over the past several months.

No one ever said writing was an easy life.


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