5 Reasons Writers are Superheroes

I’m Batman!

Being a writer is kind of like going through depression.  You do get a lot of writers who appear very positive and bubbly, but even they will have days were all they want to do is shoot themselves in the head.  More than any other profession in the world writers suffer from a lack of confidence, copious amounts of rejection, and loneliness.  Is it any wonder that we’re all a bit mad?

When I thought about it, I realised we have a lot in common with different superheroes.

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1. Like Batman…we spend 80% of our time working alone.

Whether it’s a library, kitchen, office or coffee shop, there are no co-workers for us to talk to a lot of the time.  We end up talking to ourselves and our characters when we're writing novels or stories.  Occasionally this leads people to think we’re weird.  I mean we are, but it’s a cool weird.  And yes sometimes we do run around going "Na na na na na na na na Batman!"

2. Like Spiderman…we have no guaranteed income

Even though the same can be said of many professions, writing is one where even if you’re mega successful, there’s no guarantee that people will buy your next book/script/article/review. You think you’re worried about money? Try being a writer and see what REAL financial worry looks like.

3. Like Clark Kent/Superman…a lot of us are introverted and shy but boy can we take a pounding!

The levels of marketing training we put ourselves through in order to speak with just 1 person is something that would have many other professionals running away in tears.  We’re pretty cool people (can you make stuff up that millions of people read every day?  No?  Well we do), and enjoy talking to other people, even though we’re shy.  I put on my cape when I’m out in public, but Clark Kent comes right back out the moment I get the chance.   But boy, can we take a pounding!  When people really don't like what we've written, they let us know and then some!  We accept criticism with a skin harder than Superman's could ever be.  We have to because it's part of our job.  Not everyone will like what we write and we don't always write the best we can.  That's why the best writers learn to accept criticism with a constructive wit and charm.  It hurts but when it's delivered properly it really helps too.  In no other job have I felt such highs and lows as writing.  A 5 star review has you jumping for joy one minute and a rejection cursing the world the next.  Welcome to a writer's life people.  

4. Like Wonder Woman…people don't always notice us

This is a bigger one for writers than many other professions. Think you’re not appreciated at work because your boss didn’t compliment you on a job well done?  Think you’re worth more money then you’re earning?  Imagine working long hours all the time, with no paid holiday, little time off and a readership that can vanish if we don't respect them...just like that!  Our job is very rewarding and we love connecting with new readers, but it's not for the timid.  We are our own CEO, worker, motivational coach and HR support team all rolled into one.

5. Like Spiderman/Superman/Green Lantern and many more heroes…we can help you escape your life for a few hours!

We can help you travel to far off places!  We can help you escape a bad day or learn how to deal with a difficult situation.  We write because we have things to say and want to share with you.  They can even help you!  So please bear with us if we change jobs quickly and move to different places.  Just like a doctor or a chef it takes us practice and training to build up a career and earn enough money to do it full time.  But just like any other professional we do ask that you respect the amount of effort we put in and free material we offer.  Remember that we share a lot with you, and ask for little in return.  You never know, you might need us to help you escape your life one day.  That's why we love reading and writing.  Because we can help people go on holiday without ever having to leave their home.  How cool is that?

Bat Socks

Bat socks!

Okay, so I know I’m not Batman (I didn’t inherit a billion dollar global company from my Dad). My last point is really that…

6. Like the best superheroes…writers value others more than ourselves

This is our greatest strength but it can allow people to take advantage of us.  Maybe if we valued ourselves more, we’d do better in the world.  We care about giving you information.  We care about bringing you joy and entertainment through a story or a funny article.  We make your life a little bit brighter and more informed every day.  And we rarely think to ask for much in return (mostly because we forget when someone says ‘I really liked that’)

So you see?  Writers are superheroes, and we’re missed when we’re gone.  Don’t forget us and please try and respect us, because many people (including ourselves sometimes) don’t.

And remember…

it’s because I’M BATMAN!

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