ABC Heat 1 Results and The Valentine’s Massacre

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Well the Heat 1 results from round 1 of the ABC Prose Pentathalon came in on Saturday just gone and yours truly got a respectable ‘Silver’ placing for ‘Cold Rapture’.  That’s a not too shabby 15th out of 34 entries if you want to put a number on things.  Full results here and you can read all the entries here.

The Heat 2 results will be released this coming weekend.  You can already read them here but as I’m not allowed to release the name of my story until after the heat is closed…see if you can guess which one is mine.


The girls who received a personalised video message from me last week have all come back to me with various comments.  Some of my favourites are below:

“….Haha! I hadn’t actually watched the youtube clip when I sent you the first message. Brilliant stuff. Do you know that I can see your other messages as well – Imogen’s had me giggling quite a bit!”


“…I don’t know if that was more funny or disturbing so I’ll just smile and say thanks for your unspecial message.  You say the sweetest things.  Or something.  Happy Valentine’s Day x  ps you could have got away with it being special, dork!”


“…Thanks so much for this – it has really brightened my day (perfect timing as I’m sitting on my sofa feeling pretty ill for the fourth day in a row on my WEEK OFF!) This is so kind & thoughtful of you and, well, right back atcha – I’m so glad to have had you as a friend for all these years (14? Crumbs). Here’s to 14 more!”

Note:  I received permission from all of the girls to quote them and to share the videos before you ask.

You can view all the messages through my YouTube channel if you want to see how a modern time Valentine’s should be done….or not done depending on your point of view.

Click here to see them all.


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